High Consistency Pulping CTMP/APMP Pulping

HC pulping technology, applications and services for wide range of raw materials

Regarding the shortage of packaging paper raw materials in China due to the waste import ban, Genda Fiber Tech has unique solution to the Chinese CTMP pulping market. We have developed processes for large and medium-sized customers with different raw materials, and launched se-CTMP energy-saving pulping solutions, including high-temperature and pressure-based high-consistency refining solutions and normal-temperature and normal-pressure high-consistency refining solutions. We provide customers with mature process consulting. At the same time, we have series of high-consistency refiners, Dual Drum thickeners, Screw Press, Twin Wire Press and other pulping equipment, dewater screws, conveying screws, etc. can provide mature and high-quality products for CTMP pulping solutions.

Main Equipment:

CTMP/APMP, Semi-chemical main equipment—High Consistency refiner
Two phase pulp Separator
High dryness Twin Wire Press/TSP
Side feed screw



Process technology:



We maintaining close cooperation with our customers, which enables us to provide targeted CTMP/APMP pulping process design and high-consistency refining process solutions based on the characteristics of different customers' raw materials and pulp varieties to meet the needs of customers in producing high-quality pulp. We provide a package of solutions including process design, equipment selection and supply, advanced process control systems with one-click connection to front-end and back-end equipment, guided installation services, and general engineering services.


Successful customer projects:

Project name: Sun Paper Semi-Chemical Mechanical Pulping, High Consistency Refining Equipment
Time and location: 2018, Shandong Province, Yanzhou Sun Paper
Paper machine: Voith 6.6-meter board paper machine with speed of 1,200 m/min to produce container board paper
Customer Requirement: reduce long fiber ratio
Solution: Genda Fiber Tech HHR1300 high consistency grinder
Raw materials: miscellaneous wood
Implementation results: The daily output of 300 tons has surpassed the old standard.